Zhirinovsky suggested to drop nuclear bomb somewhere to show Russia’s power


State Duma deputy, the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party Vladimir Zhirinovsky suggested to drop a nuclear bomb on some sparsely populated state in order to demonstrate Russia’s military power.

Zhirinovsky said this in the program “Sunday Night” with Vladimir Solovyov.

“There is an island in the North Sea, a small country of 200,000 people. Let’s tell Brussels: look, here’s an island, do you see it? Ok, turn around. And now there is no island. No country,” he said.

“Horrible,” the host responded.

“What else do you want? Do you want them to slap us in the face? To shell Donbas?” Zhirinovsky shouted.

“We have to show the worth of our nuclear forces,” he said.

Source: Rosbalt