Rogozin admitted Russia’s inability to catch up with USA in space


Russia lags behind the USA in the space sector by 9 times.

This was said by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin on Friday, May 27, in his interview with Interfax.

“Today, in the space industry we are behind the Americans by 9 times. All of our ambitious projects clearly say that we have to improve our performance by 50%. Well, even if we increase it by 50%, we will never catch up,” Rogozin said.

He added that if the Russian industry does not seek for high performance and deal with bureaucracy, the country will continue to “look at NASA and Elon Musk.”

In 2015, Rogozin admitted that the Russian space industry is in a systemic crisis, and said that the problem must be solved right after solving the defense problems.

After the introduction of sanctions against Russia in 2014, Rogozin suggested the United States to deliver astronauts to the ISS using the trampoline.