Problem occured during launch of Soyuz rocket with GLONASS satellite


As a source in the space industry told Interfax, one of the engines of the carrier rocket Soyuz could prematurely shut down during the launch of Glonass-M satellite from the Plesetsk spaceport on Sunday.

“According to preliminary reports, a failure occurred with the carrier rocket Soyuz 2.1b before separating the upper stage Fregat. An engine RD-0124 produced by Voronezh Chemical Automatics Design Bureau shut down ahead of schedule, and boosters had to fulfill the deficiency with their own engines,” the source said.

Russian satellite Glonass-M, launched by a military crew of the Space Forces from the state test spaceport Plesetsk on Sunday, May 29, was launched into the target orbit and was acquired for handling by the Main Test Space Center.

As it was stressed by the Ministry of Defense on Sunday, there is a stable telemetry link with the spacecraft, and all onboard systems are functioning normally.

Source: Interfax