Large fragment of BUK missile found at MH17 crash site


As it was reported in the interim report of the joint investigative team for the case of MH17 plane crash, Dutch investigators found a nozzle of BUK missile at the crash site of the Boeing in the Donbas.

The document is published on the website of the Dutch prosecutor’s office.

Relatives of the victims have received a report a few days ago.

As it was noted by the Dutch media, it is the first time when a discovery of such a large part of the rocket at the crash site MH17 flight is reported.

Experts collect body parts for the crashed plane at the airbase Gilze-Reyen to determine the cause of the disaster. They are also involved in the missile wreckage search, which has supposedly hit the airliner.

Image: RIA Novosti

Image: RIA Novosti

Police officers with knowledge of Russian and Ukrainian languages are involved in field work. They listen to the recording of telephone conversations intercepted by the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU), and try to determine whether the audio files are relevant to the investigation.

The report also states that the investigators collected soil samples in the areas that are supposed to be the missile launch site. The samples will be sent for chemical analysis.

Investigators also have an entire BUK missile, which they dismantle for parts, and compare the fragments with the original parts.

As it was previously reported, the final results of the investigation will be presented this fall.

In October 2015, the Security Council of the Netherlands submitted its report on the crash of the Boeing: it was reported that the plane was shot down by a BUK missile, however, is was not said in the report who launched the missile.


Image: RIA Novosti

Image: RIA Novosti

In response, the manufacturer of BUK missile systems, Russian defense concern Almaz-Antey said that the missile was launched from the territory, controlled by Ukrainian troops.

According to representatives of the international investigators group Bellingcat, Boeing was hit by a missile launched from a self-propelled BUK system, belonged to the Russian 53rd air defense missile brigade from Kursk.

In February 2016, Bellingcat published its latest report. It contains the names of those who was responsible for the missile launch that hit the Boeing.

The Boeing MH17 of Malaysia Airlines crashed on July 17, 2014. As a result of the disaster, all 298 people on board were killed.

Source: BBC