Press service of social network VKontakte confirmed collaboration with secret services


Top managers of Russian social network VKontakte ( cooperate with the country’s security services (FSB), providing them with all the necessary information.

This was said to media by Eugene Krasnikov, a spokesman for the popular social network.

Russian social network VKontakte, according to its managers, provides employees of the Federal Security Service (FSB) with all the information they need. Eugene Krasnikov, who holds the position of press secretary of Russian social network, that is very popular not only among the Russians but also among Ukrainians and Belarusians, told about how it’s done to Moscow media.

The representative of VKontakte, responding to reporters’ questions during the forum in Kazan, said that as a citizen of his country, he believes that Russia’s authorities, having unrestricted access to users’ personal information VK, “do it exclusively for the benefit, and for the protection of the state and its citizens.”