International military exercise Anaconda 2016 started in Poland


The largest military exercise Anaconda started for the 6th time in Poland.

According to the official web page of the exercise, Anaconda-2016 is the 3rd time when it is international.

The official opening ceremony of the exercise was scheduled on June 6, and it was held at the Academy of National Defence in Warsaw.

This year, the armed forces of 24 allied countries and partners will take part in the exercise. The practical part of the exercise will begin on June 7, and will last for 10 days, until June 17.

“The goal of the exercise is to develop joint actions of national and coalition commands and units within the combined defensive operations in a hybrid war,” said in a statement.

The training will take place on 7 main sites under the command of the international staff. The exercise will be attended by units of land, air, naval, and special forces. 31,000 soldiers are engaged in the exercise, including 12,000 from the Polish army.

Also, 3,000 military vehicles are involved, among which there are 105 different types of aircraft and 12 ships.

NATO naval exercises BALTOPS 2016 began on June 3 in the southern part of the Baltic Sea, near the coast of Sweden, Denmark, and Poland.