Facebook blocked business accounts of residents of occupied Crimea


The world’s largest social network Facebook has disabled the ability to make payments for user from the Crimea, depriving them of an advertising platform for business.

Disabling the advertising accounts for residents of the Crimea started on June 1. In one week all the most active Crimean entrepreneurs lost the possibility to promote their businesses on Facebook. It was assumed that the possibility will be preserved for those who do not use advertising extensively, however, the feature of creating a campaign and putting money into it was also disabled.

After contacting support, performing numerous tests, sending scans of passports, Crimean users get the same answer: the function of making payments is not supported for their region.

The blocking applies to all users who are physically located in the territory of Crimea, and does not depend on which card is used for payment (a Crimean Bank, QIWI, etc.), whose name it is issued for, which region is set in personal data, what kind of phone is linked to the account, etc.

For being blocked, it is enough to log in into personal account with any Crimean identifier. Moreover, even if the next time a user logs into an advertising account from a non-Crimean, IP address, the functionality is not automatically restored.

Source: focus.ua