Two people detained near US Embassy in Moscow for poster “Love Wins”


Two people with a poster “Love Wins” were detained near the US Embassy, ​​where people come with flowers and candles after the shooting in a gay club in Orlando.

“We were detained when we tried to put a poster next to flowers. When the police came, I said that I have the right for a picket, but they put us in the car and did not explain anything. I do not know, how can they do that?” one of the detainees Islam Abdullabekov told RBC.

Also, activists of the movement “God’s Will” were near the US Embassy. They were asking the police to detain participants for gay propaganda.

For the poster near the embassy Islam Abdullabekov and Felix Gluckman were detained and taken to the police car.

Later, the car drove away from the American Embassy with the detainees.

50 people became victims of the shooting of gay club in Orlando, another 53 were injured. People in Moscow laid flowers and lit candles near the US Embassy from the early morning.