Orlando shooter Omar Mateen was regular visitor of Pulse gay club


The American of Afghan origin Omar Mateen, who shot 49 people in Pulse gay clubs in Orlando, was a regular visitor of the club.

At least four witnesses confirmed that they have repeatedly seen Mateen getting drunk in the club. According to them, sometimes he got so drunk that he started brawling.

Another witness said that about a year ago Mateen offered him to meet through a mobile application for gay dating, but the meeting did not take place.

Prior to this, the most popular version of the accident was that Mateen attacked the visitors of the gay club because of their sexual orientation.

Police also clarified the content of the statement made by Mateen to a dispatcher of 911 emergency service after the beginning of shooting.

Earlier it was reported that he stated that he was acting on behalf of the ISIS extremist group.

However, according to recent data, he also expressed his support for the brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaevym, bombed in Boston in 2013, and one of the American suicide bombers worked for Al-Qaeda.

ISIS and Al-Qaeda are terrorist organizations and banned in many countries, including Russia. Meanwhile, it is known that they are at war with each other.

According to the police, Mateen came for questioning in 2013, telling colleagues that he is involved in the Lebanese movement Hezbollah. They are also at odds with the ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

In this regard, the investigators believe that the radicalization of Mateen was caused by Islamist propaganda on the Internet, but he didn’t have a direct link with extremists.

Shooting at Pulse gay clubs in Orlando happened on June 12. Mateen came to the club with a handgun and magazine rifle, and opened fire on visitors.

In total he managed to kill 49 people, wounded another 53, and was shot by riot police afterwards. The authorities qualified the incident as a terrorist attack.

Source: BBC