10 schoolchildren from Moscow died at lake in Karelia


A group of schoolchildren died while rafting in Karelia. The boat with children capsized during a storm.

As reported by TASS citing data from the Karelia’s office of the Ministry of Interior Affairs, a total of 10 kids died on the Syamozero lake in Pryazhinsky region of the republic, several students are still missing.

The agency RIA Novosti reports about the death of 11 tourists, and 4 missing.

12 people were rescued. According to the agency Interfax, one girl swam to shore on her own, and climbed out of the water near the village of Qudaamah.

As the head of the Department of Tourism of the Ministry of Culture of Karelia Yekaterina Biktimirova reported to TASS, a group of 49 people went to the lake: children from 12 to 15 years old and supervisors. At night, the boats were caught in a storm, 2 of them and a raft sank.

According to preliminary information, the participants of the tour came to Karelia from Moscow.

The Ministry of Emergencies of Karelia said that the group was not registered. The contact with the group was lost in the morning of June 19th.

Source: RBC


Image: RBC