American fighters F-18 intercepted Russian jets Su-24 in Syria


Recently there were reports that Russian air force in Syria started bombing rebels, who were a side in the ceasefire agreement, and fought ISIS with the US support.

Details have arrived, and they are terrifying. There was a clash between US fighters F-18 and Russian Su-24. Bloodless by now, but as they say, the first move was made.

It was reported multiple times that Russia and the US agreed to have an emergency communication channel in Syria, so in case of a possible conflict of interest it can be resolved quickly.

Meanwhile, as soon as it became clear yesterday that Russia violated the ceasefire and bombed the US allies who were involved in the ceasefire agreement, the US Command immediately contacted the Russians through the emergency channel, but Russia simply ignored the call.

So, the US launched F-18 fighters, and sent them into the conflict zone. On approaching, fighters contacted the Russian Su-24 through the dedicated emergency communication channel. There was no answer.

After the US fighters entered the conflict zone, the Su-24 were forced to stop bombing and to withdraw. However, as soon as F-18 went for refuel, Su-24 reappeared and attacked rebels positions with cluster bombs.

The USA believes that the nature of the incident was not an accident or an error, and shows deliberate violation of the ceasefire by Russia. As the representative of the US Defense Department said, an explanation from Russian was requested through diplomatic channels.

However, at the time of publication Russia did not provide any explanation. But it became known that the US State Department sent a note to the president’s administration to immediately begin a military operation against the Assad forces in Syria.