Defence Minister of Poland: Russia is the biggest threat to global security


Russia has different goals than the Western countries, and implements them differently.

The Russian Federation is currently the biggest threat to the world’s security. This was stated by the Minister of Defence of Poland Antoni Macierewicz.

“With all due respect to the Russian people… That does not alter the fact that today it (Russia – ed.) is the biggest threat to global security,” Macierewicz said.

According to him, Russia is different from the other countries of Western civilization. It pursues other goals, and implements them completely differently.

“Any standards developed outside its territory are not applicable for Russia,” Macierewicz said.

According to the Minister of Defence of Poland, leaders and societies are systematically wrong when they do not account for this.

“No country in the history of the past decades ever undermined the world order the way Russia did, attacking first Georgia, then Ukraine, occupying the territory of an independent state, openly stating that it won’t even recognize its independence and its sovereignty,” Macierewicz added.