Missile warehouse burned in Russia


A large-scale emergency happened on June 20 on Ashuluk military training ground in the Astrakhan region: a warehouse with missile weapons burned down.

It was scattering in all directions, so the inhabitants of the nearby military town had to be evacuated.

In total, more than 600 military and their families were forced to leave their homes. The information was confirmed in the headquarters of the Southern Military District of the Russian Army, but they refused to give reporters any details.

The press service of the Russian Ministry of Defense officers were more talkative. However, their story raises some doubts in its fairness.

“At 9:20 am, during the planned works in a storage of noncombat target missiles on the Ashuluk training ground, a rocket engine caught fire,” the press service of the Defense Ministry told reporters. “There is no casualties or injured as a result of the fire. Fire brigades are working on the site. A commission of the Ministry of Defence was sent there in order to establish the circumstances of the fire.”

At the same time, the official press release contradicts with what witnesses say, and especially with the video spread in social networks. The footage clearly shows a burning warehouse with a characteristic sound and visual of scattering missiles, which would’ve been impossible if missiles were stored in the form of spare parts.

Also, many witnesses have questioned the fact that there were missiles S-75. According to the “natives” of the military town nearby, the warehouse also stored missiles for anti-aircraft systems S-300 (that were regularly shot at Ashuluk), and perhaps even notorious Iskanders. In addition, the independent media received an information leak that a large-scale audit inspection was planned in Ashuluk in coming days, It is possible that this could be something to do with the fire.

Source: by24.org


Image: RIA Novosti