Russian fans at Euro 2016 were led by known neo-Nazi


The actions of Russian ultras at Euro 2016 in France were led by a well-known neo-Nazi Alexander Shprygin, who is currently the president of Russian Fans Union (RFU).

This was reported by The Guardian.

Shprygin was called a “notorious far-right activist who was photographed performing a Nazi salute”. The British media could’ve been accused of being biased after the clashes between British and Russian football fans, but other European media also wrote about Russian neo-Nazi Shprygin.

Thus, the French journalist Pierre Avril in Le Figaro said that the head of Russian fans predicted the clash in Marseille long before June 11. Also, after the fight in Marseille Shprygin himself proudly noted that the British were 10 times more, but they lost the battle outright.

Guardian reported that human rights organizations opposing nazism (in particular, Fare Network that monitors UEFA games on behalf of this organization), expressed their serious concern due to the fact that Shprygin has official accreditation for Euro-2016, and is well received in the quarters of the Russian national team. They identified Shprygin as the far-right activist, who in the late 90s of the last century “introduced neo-Nazi views and orders to Russian fans”.


After 2007, when Shprygin started leading the movement of Russian fans, he bewares of publicly expressing his neo-Nazi views. However, his Nazi nature periodically comes out. So, recently, he said that he “would like to see only Slavic faces in the national team”.