Promotion of Russian goods on AliExpress ended up with failure


A pilot project on the promotion of Russian products on the Chinese internet site AliExpress did not show any positive results.

It was reported by Kommersant newspaper, citing the presentation of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The document states that only 24 orders were received in a few months. Russian goods were presented by clothes, shoes, and accessories produced in Russia. 552 items were saved for later purchases.

The presentation also states that the Russian section on AliExpress was visited by 130,000 people. The sections continues its work, but many goods were disabled and can not be purchased. The newspaper said that despite the problems with the project promotion, Moscow is still interested in cooperation with Alibaba Group.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade announced the joint project “Fashion. Made in Russia” on the Chinese portal in 2015. The cooperation includes putting domestic products in the list of priority in search results on the Russian version of the website.

466 Russian companies were offered the participate in the project, 369 of them refused. They explained their decision by lack of interest in internet commerce and retail sales. About a hundred companies that agreed to participate in the project, faced “malfunction of AliExpress”.

The AliExpress itself explained low sales of Russian goods by “unreasonably high prices and lack of originality.” The media notes that the cost of Russian goods were actually several times higher than the price of Chinese products. The Ministry of Industry and Trade have confirmed that some Russian brands priced the goods on AliExpress with a premium to their retail price.