OSCE drones were shot down in Ukraine by Russian surface-to-air systems


Drones, that OSCE mission launches in the east of Ukraine in order to monitor shelling, were shot down.

Before their fall they recorded who hit them. Images were revealed by the head of a special OSCE monitoring mission in Ukraine Alexander Hug.

Drone in Ozeryanovka on May 27 photographed surface-to-air system “Strela”, and a moment later it was shot down from it.

Also, on June 1 near Korsun, another long-range drone saw surface-to-air system “Osa”, and the contact with the drone was lost later in that area, Hug said. OSCE representatives wanted to launch a drone near Ozeryanovka, where another UAV was hit a few days before, but representatives of the DPR forbidden visiting the area.

After the drones that took pictures of missile launchers were shot down, United States stated in the OSCE that such systems separatists could only get from Russia.

Source: kasparov.ru