Spain wants to return Gibraltar after Brexit


Spain will offer to share governing rights over Gibraltar with the UK after the Brexit.

According to Reuters, this was stated by Spanish Foreign Minister José García-Margallo y Marfil.

“Our formula … is British-Spanish co-sovereignty for a determined period of time, which after that time has elapsed, will head towards the restitution of Gibraltar to Spanish sovereignty,” García-Margallo said on Friday.

According to Margallo, after Britain’s decision to withdraw from the EU, the perspective of the future of Gibraltar completely changed, and the possibility of shared sovereignty on the peninsula is “much closer than before.” He also added that Gibraltar will independently decide whether it wants to continue having access to the united market of the EU countries.

Earlier, 51.9% of the British voted for Brexit, while 95.9% of the voters in Gibraltar were for staying in the EU. After the disclosure of the results, Prime Minister David Cameron announced his resignation.

After the first results of the Brexit, The Guardian wrote that after leaving the EU, it will be much more difficult for Gibraltar residents to cross the border with Spain, which many citizens visit every day.