US State Department: Ukraine is not only partner, but member of NATO


The Alliance does not want extension of the conflict in Ukraine to the borders of the Baltic States and Poland.

The representative of the State Department of the USA Joshua Baker called Ukraine not only a partner of NATO, but also a member, and said that its fate worries the countries of the Alliance.

According to him, because of the “Ukrainian crisis”, the Alliance has to take measures to strengthen the defence capabilities on the borders with Russia. At the same time, he stressed that this is not an arms race.

“To begin with, let us recall where we were 2 years ago, before the Ukrainian crisis. At that time there was a partnership between NATO and Russia. I do not agree that now there is the arms race on the border with Russia. However, what NATO is doing today – it is a response to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. This is why these measures are reasonable, and the central and eastern European partners of the alliance were asking for them,” the representative of the State Department said.

Baker noted that NATO does not want the conflict in Ukraine to touch the Baltic countries and Poland, therefore it is necessary to increase the military presence near the borders with Russia.

“Nobody wants a conflict, but still there is a conflict in Ukraine. Ukraine is a partner… not even a partner, but namely a NATO member. Still, we do not want this conflict expanded to the Baltic countries and Poland. And that is why we are implementing strategy which is based on 5 points: the presence of a greater number of American troops, exercises and training with our partners, supply of military technology and equipment, increasing the potential of our allies and partners, and paying more attention to the eastern part of Europe,” Baker said.



Image: BBC