Explosions in Istanbul airport


As reported by CNN Turk, at least 2 explosions happened in the international airport of Istanbul, also gun shots were heard.

It was reported of more than 60 wounded, which were taken away from the airport by taxi drivers and ordinary citizens. Reuters reports of at least 10 victims.

The Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Istanbul said that there was no Russians among the victims.

Eyewitnesses say that gunfire was heard in the parking lot near the building. According to the authorities, the police fired to neutralize the suspects.

An hour later, a local channel NTV reported that there was another explosion near the Airport metro station, but the data has not yet been confirmed.

Local authorities suggest that the bombings might have been committed by 2 suicide bombers. They opened fire from Kalashnikov assault rifles, and threw hand grenades at people right in front of metal detectors.

Istanbul’s airport was closed. Medical and law enforcement crews arrive at scene. The aircraft were diverted to other airports, or making circles in the air.

Turkish authorities imposed a ban on publishing information about the terrorist attack in the country.

The day before the bombings, the US State Department advised its citizens to avoid travel to Turkey because of the increased risk of terrorist attacks.

Witnesses post photos and videos from the scene.

Source: tjournal.ru