US diplomat was attacked by FSB personnel in Moscow


In Moscow, a guard of the US Embassy in FSB uniform attacked a diplomat who was trying to get into the building.

This was reported by Washington Post citing 4 US officials knowing of the incident.

After the attack, the diplomat had a broken shoulder; he also received other damage. After that, he left Russia in order to get immediate medical care.

Because of the incident, the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak was summoned to the State Department. This was not reported officially.

Earlier, an article was published in The Washington Post that Russian special services harass American diplomats in Moscow and abroad. As reported, in most cases the incidents are not of criminal nature. However, a few times it was reported that criminals broke into houses, turned on the light, moved furniture, or defecated on the carpet.

The data on harassing described in the publication was later confirmed by the head of the Department of State John Kerry. Russian Foreign Ministry criticized the U.S. for it, saying that such statements impair bilateral relations.