U.S. Senate: Russia is worse than ISIS


For the U.S., the European Union, and NATO member states, Russia is a greater threat than the Islamic State, therefore it was necessary to provide lethal weapons to Ukraine and Georgia.

This was said by a senior researcher of the Atlantic Council Ian Brzezinski during a hearing in the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee, the Voice of America reports.

Responding to a question what is a greater threat to the NATO: Russia or Islamic terrorism, Brzezinski replied clearly: “Without a question, it is Russia.”

“Russia has gained strength at the eastern borders of the alliance, it shows aggression at the level of the state, it has invaded two countries over the past 10 years: Georgia and Ukraine,” he explained.

Brzezinski also believes that providing lethal weapons to Ukraine and Georgia not only would not have provoked an escalation, but at the contrary, reduced tensions between Russia and NATO.

On the other hand, he added that it would’ve complicated Russia’s military planning, and would’ve increased Kremlin’s risks in case of further aggression.

Brzezinski also stressed that not everyone in the European Union were against giving lethal weapons to Ukraine, and it had to be done, despite the objections of Germany and France.

Source: 24today.net