Terror attack in Bavarian Ansbach: 12 people injured, Islamist suicide bomber killed


On the night of July 25, an explosion blasted in German town of Ansbach, when a man with a backpack was passing by near a wine bar. One person died, 12 were injured.

According to the police, it was a terrorist attack performed by a 27-year-old Syrian. He came to Germany 2 years ago and filed for asylum, but was denied a year ago.

Experts have found a mobile phone on the scene, that is believed to belong to the alleged offender. The information contained in the phone is being investigated.

According to the Interior Minister of Bavaria Joachim Hermann, the police have repeatedly had to deal with the suspected terrorist from Ansbach. It is also known that the suspect tried to commit suicide twice, and was treated in a psychiatric clinic.

As stated by Joachim Hermann, this time the terrorist was aiming to disrupt an outdoor music festival, which was attended by 2,500 spectators, but he was unable to enter the area where the event took place.

Source: infocenter-odessa.com