Chinese aircraft flew through closed air space over Seversk city


On Saturday, July 23, four Chinese aircraft violated the no-fly zone over the city of Seversk, where one of the largest nuclear plants located in Russia: Siberian Chemical Plant.

Tomsk news agency TV2 says that the incident was reported by Seversk resident Evgeny Kornev, who witnessed it. Kornev references data from, where the movement of aircraft around the world can be monitored at real time in many respects, including the route, speed, and altitude.

“First, I heard a noise of an aircraft flying in the sky,” Eugeny said.  “I opened the website, and saw a Chinese civilian airplane flying right over Seversk. As far as I know, this has never happened before, since the airspace over Seversk is closed for any type of aircraft, they usually fly to the north or south of the city.”

After that, registered 3 more Chinese aircraft flying over the largest Russian closed city.

Before the 1990s, the airspace over the city was protected by an air defense regiment, numbering several divisions located around Tomsk-7 on both banks of the river Tom. After the dismissal of the regiment in Seversk area, only one radar unit of the Russian armed forces was left there.

Until now, every flight of even the most lightweight aircraft over Seversky required very complicated approval procedures.



Image: Reuters