Hackers broke into computers of electoral headquarters of Hillary Clinton


As reported by Reuters, hackers managed to hack a computer program used by the electoral headquarters of Hillary Clinton, running for U.S. president from the Democrats.

The information was later confirmed by Clinton’s headquarters.

“Data processing systems, supported by the National Committee of the Democratic Party, had been hacked as part of a wide-range attack on the servers of the National Committee,” Clinton’s spokesman Nick Merrill said.

He added that independent e-safety experts are currently studying the computer network of the Democratic Party; nothing else suspicious was found so far.

New York Times, citing a source in the U.S. government reported that Russian special services might have been behind this attack.

FBI is involved in the investigation of the incident.

This is the third attack on the Democrats’ servers in the last week. On July 22, website WikiLeaks published e-mail correspondence between the Democrats, which showed that the National Committee of the Party gave preference to Clinton as a future candidate for president, in spite of the declared neutrality during the primaries.

On Friday, July 29, there was information about possible hacking of database of the Democratic Party Committee for election to Congress.

A number of U.S. politicians, including representatives of the Democrats, immediately said about the alleged Russian trace of the attacks. According to them, this is the way the Kremlin tries to discredit the Democrats, and to increase the popularity of Donald Trump.

The Kremlin called those suspicions unfounded, and noted that Russia is not trying to interfere in the internal affairs of the USA.

Source: BBC


Image: Reuters