Drunk pilots went to fight forest fires in Buryatia


In Buryatia (Russia), pilots were punished for being drunk while going to extinguish forest fires. One of them managed to lift the aircraft into the air, 5 others were not allowed to fly.

As reported by the press service of the Prosecutor’s Office of Buryatia, prosecutors revealed evidence of blatant violations of labor discipline among the workers of the Trans-Baikal base of aviation protection of forests, who fight fires in the region.

In May 2016, a senior pilot-observer of Bagdarin air division of Trans-Baikal base of aviation protection of forests was intoxicated during the flight. As a result, the pilot was unable to perform necessary actions for patrolling the forest. Similar facts were revealed in June 2016, when before sending squads to fight fire in Muya district it was revealed that 5 pilots of Kabansky air division were drunk. They were not allowed to fly.

After the prosecutor’s check, an order to eliminate violations of the law was sent to the company. As a result, one offender was released from his post, and 5 others faced strict disciplinary charges.

Source: tayga.info