Nuclear reactor was dropped in Belarus during construction of power plant


The incident happen during moving of a reactor vessel in a nuclear power plant which is being built in Belarus near the Lithuanian border.

Lithuania demands to investigate the incident, while Minsk refuses to comment in details.

Thus, according to media reports, a housing of a nuclear reactor, which weights 330 tons, fell down from a height of 2-4 metres. The Ministry of Energy of Belarus confirmed that there was a “emergency situation” at the plant this month.

Lithuania has expressed its concern regarding this case. It is worth mentioning that the new nuclear power plant is only 50 km from the Lithuanian capital Vilnius. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country has already sent a protest note to the Belarusian ambassador. Lithuania, in particular, requests a thorough investigation of the incident, and sending the results to neighboring countries, and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Belarus avoids answering to questions about security, not willing to let the observers in, and it always causes us concern. Repeating accidents show that our fears were justified,” said the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite.

The power plant is being built by Russian corporation Rosatom. It refutes the seriousness of the accident, and reports that the incident took place indeed, but the reactor vessel is intact, and ready for installation.

One of Lithuanian parties started collecting signatures for introduction a bill to Parliament, which prohibits transit and purchase of electricity from this plant.