Plotnitsky accused secret services of USA and Ukraine of his attempted assassination


The head of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) Igor Plotnitsky accused secret services of Ukraine and the United States of his attempted assassination.

A corresponding audiotape was posted on the official website.

“You know that the war is not over, and it is certain that American intelligence services are behind the Ukrainian government, and behind those who tries to destabilize the situation in Ukraine, and in the whole world,” said the head of the LPR.

He also called those who seek shifting the power in the LPR “provocateurs” who “are trying to shake (the situation), and lead to oblivion”.

“In case of any further ‘events’ related to me and my life, the information about associates of Ukrainian and American intelligence services, who live in LPR, and even in Russia, will be reported to the President of Russian Federation, or the FSB Director. This information has already gone beyond the border of our country,” he added.

“I ask everyone to keep calm, nothing serious happened. Anyone who talks about my incapability is a traitor, and an enemy of the Republic. Thank you, I’ll be at work soon,” Plotnitsky concluded.

Earlier on Saturday there was an explosion in Luhansk near the vehicle of the head of LPR Igor Plotnitsky. As a result, several people were injured. Plotnitsky was hospitalized.

Prosecutor’s General Office of the LPR accused Ukrainian saboteurs. However, Kiev rejected accusations of involvement in the assassination, calling the incident “a result of internal squabbles, spheres of influence, the struggle for power.”