U.S. Secretary of Air Force sees Russia as biggest threat


Russia recently behaved “very aggressive.”

U.S. Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James called Russia the main threat to her country. She stated this in a video interview with Fox News.

“I do consider Russia to be the biggest threat. (…) They have nuclear weapons. They have been acting in very aggressive manners in recent years,” said the Secretary.

According to her, Moscow is testing new models of weapons, and it causes concern for Washington and its allies.

Lee James said that she had just returned from Ukraine, which “suffers from the illegal occupation of Crimea“, and ceasefire violations in the East of the country. The secretary believes that the responsibility for the suffering of the people lies on Russia as well.

According to the secretary, the increase in the number of troops will help the United States to oppose not only Russia in Europe, and other regions of the world, but the terrorist group “Islamic State“, as well as North Korea. In addition, this measure, will prevent the conflict in the South China Sea from further developing.

Earlier, British Prime Minister Theresa May has opposed nuclear disarmament of the United Kingdom, recalling the “real threats” from Russia and North Korea.