Metal plant workers in Ural resumed hunger strike because of unpaid wages


As reported by Interfax, workers of Verkhnesinyachihinsky metal plant, located in the Sverdlovsk region, resumed the hunger strike due to unpaid wages.

29 people of ages from 45 to 59 are involved in the open air hunger strike. There are fired and laid off employees among them. Salaries at the plant are delayed since November 2015.

“The night was fine. Chilly, but no raining. Perhaps, one person will stop hunger strike for family reasons, his wife is unwell,” said one of the participants of the hunger strike Svetlana Menshinina.

Factory workers went on hunger strike in mid-July. At that point the amount of unpaid wages was more than 11 million rubles (approx. $170,000 – RRT). After that, employees have temporarily suspended the strike.

According to prosecutors, 2.68 million rubles (approx. $41,000 – RRT) were paid to employees since July, and pay stubs for another 480,000 (approx. $7,400 – RRT) were received for the near future payments. Another 3.98 million rubles (approx. $61,000 – RRT) were promised to be deposited to employees’ accounts before August 31.

Investigation Committee of the Sverdlovsk region opened a case on the fact of non-payment of salaries to the employees.

The plant specializes in the production of cast iron. In April 2015 the production was stopped because of the “difficult economic situation.”

In April, the Federal Statistics Service estimated the total amount of delayed wages in Russia at 4.471 billion rubles (approx. $69 million – RRT). About 78,000 employees do not get paid.