Putin: Ukraine turned to terror


Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Ukrainian leaders “turned to the practice of terror.”

Thus he commented on the FSB’s accusations against Ukrainian intelligence in preparing terrorist attacks in the Crimea.

According to Putin, Ukraine is trying to provoke a conflict to distract people’s attention from “the plight of the Ukrainian economy, and from the plight of a significant number of its citizens.”

Putin also mentioned the attempted assassination of the leader of self-proclaimed LPR Igor Plotnitsky, and noted that 2 Russians died in clashed in the Crimea.

“Of course, we won’t let such things go,” he promised.

  • On August 10, the FSB told about preventing terrorist attacks in the Crimea, allegedly planned by the Ukrainian intelligence.
  • FSB reported about the arrest of one of the alleged spies who is currently “giving testimony.”
  • Ukraine denied FSB’s statement. Advisor to the head of the Security Service of Ukraine Yuriy Tandit said that Ukraine “does not capture, or return its territory by force, and will not do so.” The Ministry of Defense said that the FSB is trying to “divert the attention of the local population, and the international community from criminal acts of transforming the peninsula into an isolated military base.”

Source: meduza.io


Image: AFP