Russia will expand Khmeimim air base in Syria


Russia intends to create a full-fledged military base in Syria, and deploy a permanent contingent of the Air Force.

This was reported by Izvestia, referring to the deputy chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Defense Franz Klintsevich.

According to the senator, “the legal study on the future status of the air base Khmeimim” is currently in progress, and the base might turn into a full-fledged Russian military base in the nearest future.

“After agreeing on the legal status, Khmeimim will become a base of Russian armed forces; the appropriate infrastructure will be built there, and our soldiers will live in decent conditions. Air group can be increased in accordance with bilateral agreements, but so far the existing force is enough to perform combat missions. Nuclear weapons and heavy bombers will not be deployed there on permanent basis, because it contradicts international agreements, and will cause very severe irritation,” Klintsevich explained.

A military source of the newspaper also commented on the situation.

“It is planned to expand aircraft stations, because on “peak” days there were problems with the placement of the aircraft, and protecting them in case of shelling, or bombing. Perhaps, separate basing of squadrons will be introduced in order to improve safety, because currently there is one big “parking lot”. New radio equipment will be set up on the base, including air traffic management system,” the source said.

According to him, “the project of improvements of Khmeimim air base also provides a place where heavy transport An-124 ‘Ruslan’ could be easily loaded and unloaded, and the ground staff could carry out their service without interfering with the work of the airfield.”

He noted that “stationary objects in the garrison will be built: barracks, canteens, hospital, and anti-aircraft missile and gun complexes ‘Pantsir‘ to protect the airfield.”

Turning Khmeimim into a permanent base is intended to solve two major problems: first, support for the ally, and second, strengthen the security of Russia itself.



Image: RIA