Poland might stop buying gas from Russia


In the future, Polish state gas company PGNiG may stop buying gas from Russia’s Gazprom as a result of the diversification of supply sources.

According to Reuters, it was told by Chief Financial Officer of the company Boguslaw Marzec on Friday, August 12.

“It may happen that we stop buying gas (from Gazprom) completely; we carry out a program of diversification. In four years we will have three main sources of deliveries: from the East, from the LNG terminal, and from Norway,” he said.

This year, a representative of the Polish government, who is in charge of the infrastructure of the gas industry and energy, informed that Poland has no plans to renew the long-term contract for the supply of gas from Russia, while the current contract with Gazprom expires in 2022.

Earlier, in the Polish Antimonopoly Office it was noted that the activities of a construction consortium of gas pipeline “Nord Stream-2” can only increase the already strong position of the Russian Gazprom on the country’s energy market.

Source: ukrinform.ru


Image: news.rambler.ru