Russian Olympians appeared to be troops of National Guard


Commander of the RosGuard (Russia’s National Guard – RRT) Viktor Zolotov greeted members of Russian Olympic team, who were National Guard troops.

In particular, Zolotov thanked the ensign of RosGuard Beslan Mudranov, as well as soldiers Vitalina Batsarashkina, and Natalia Kuzyutina. This was reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the information centre of the department.

“We are proud that it were servicemen of RosGuard who won first medals for the country, and showed a good example to other members of the Russian Olympic team,” the message says.

According to Zolotov, Mudranov’s victory over the reigning world champion “will be the tuning fork, which will set the right tone for all Russian Olympians.”

He wished good luck to Batsarashkina, who won the silver medal in the Olympics shooting from a pneumatic pistol. He also greeted Kuzyutina, who took bronze in judo, and advised her to always keep the bar. In total, there are 34 troops of RosGuard in Russian Olympic team, competing in 17 sports.