Wrestler Trazhukova accused Russia’s Wrestling Federation President Mamiashvili of beating her


Russian national team athlete Inna Trazhukova, who lost the fight for the 3rd place in the category up to 63 kg to Polish wrestler Minica Michalik, addressed the media “Sport Express”.

“There was a fight for the bronze medal, which I lost,” Trazhukova said. “At the end of the competition, the president of the Federation Mikhail Mamiashvili met me, he was drunk. He spoke roughly, rude, and hit me twice in the face. All this happened in front of witnesses. Upon my arrival to Russia I plan to write a claim to the prosecutor, as well as to report the incident to the Minister of Sports of Russia. I’m not a slave to be treated like that because of a lost fight! I was humiliated in public. I want to stop it, so athletes do not suffer later on!”

Mamiashvili commented on what happened.

“What else has she left to say after such a wrestle? Inna acted limply, mediocre. In our talk after such wrestle harsh words were used. She is an athlete, and she is responsible for the result! We will investigate the situation. The conversation was hard indeed. She must perform decently. She goes and wrestles without any desire to fight, “gives away” the medal to her rival. Her coach was in hysterics on the street, and I left to calm her.

Source: sport-express.ru


Image: Reuters