Olga Sechin went to court because of article about her yacht


The wife of the head of Rosneft Olga Sechin filed a lawsuit on protection of honor and dignity against the “Novaya Gazeta” because of the publication about her yacht.

“The claim was received by the Court on August 8. The date of trial has not been set yet,” said the court’s spokesman Yunona Tsareva.

The lawsuit asks the court to recognize violation of Olga Sechin’s right to privacy, and to oblige the newspaper to remove the article from the website, as well as destroy all copies of the newspaper of August 1 this year, where this article was published.

The claim of Olga Sechin to “Novaya Gazeta” is related to the publication of the article “The Secret of ‘Princess Olga'” that contains assumptions about how the head of Rosneft Igor Sechin may be associated with one of the most luxurious and expensive yachts in the world. Earlier, the company reported its intention to file a lawsuit against the “Novaya Gazeta”, the TV channel Dozhd (“The Rain” – RRT), and other media for spreading materials that contain false information, calling it a campaign “launched in the media against the ‘Rosneft‘ and its leadership.”

Source: TASS


Image: occrp.org