Zhirinovsky suggested to occupy whole Ukraine 2-3 days before elections in USA


The head of the Liberal Democratic Party Vladimir Zhirinovsky live on the radio “Echo of Moscow” suggested to occupy the whole Ukraine 2-3 days before the elections in the United States, so “no one has time to do anything.”

“It must be done on November 2 or 3. So, Barack Obama won’t be able to do anything. And what will the administration do? They will be scared: the elections are in 3 days, and the Russian army occupies Kiev, what can they do? Declare war on Russia? Hillary Clinton will lose,” he said.

Zhirinovsky said that the Republican candidate Donald Trump would call invasion “Russia’s internal affair”, and will not interfere. And win the elections after it.

“I mean, I guess it is possible to fail Hillary in the elections, so she and Barrack Obama won’t have time to do anything in 3 days”, said the politician.

“If we invade now, it might incite Germans, Poles, and so on. But in 2 or 3 days [before electionsRRT], when the whole world will be …. No one will understand anything. And it’s not necessary to be dressed as Russian troops. As who then? The soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And any other. Uniform is not a problem today. Optionally, it’s not even necessary to put the Russian army forward today, citizens of Ukraine are still friendly people, even those who consider themselves Ukrainians, they are pro-Russian, I assure you. Let us conduct a free referendum in Ukraine, and 80% will be for reunification with Russia,” summed up the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party.

Source: i-army.org