Pyatt: New batch of military aid from USA arrives in Ukraine in few days


U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt said that in the coming days a new batch of military aid from the United States will come to Ukraine.

The ambassador said it in an interview with Radio Svoboda (“Radio Liberty” – RRT).

“The United States provided assistance to Ukraine in the area of security worth $600 million, and I’m very proud of what has been achieved: our military maneuvers in Yavorov, modern weapons, and more that 1000 of night vision devices. The new deliveries come in a few days,” Pyatt said.

He also answered the question whether Ukraine is going to receive anti-tank missile complexes Javelin, saying that Ukraine is able to provision itself with all necessary weapons.

“Ukraine has powerful defense industry, and has the ability to produce its own ammunition. I hope that thanks to the cooperation between our industries in the coming months and years, the power of the defense industry of Ukraine will strengthen even further,” the diplomat noted.