Coal miners from Rostov went on hunger strike due to unpaid wages


Several dozen miners, working for a state enterprise KingCoal, which went for bankruptcy, started a hunger strike due to many months of unpaid wages.

“Miners started a hunger strike, they demand the payment of their salaries starting from May 2015 to the present, which is more than 300 million rubles (approx. $4.5 million – RRT) in total. Officially, 61 people are involved in hunger strike, but more than 100 employees are waiting the payment of wages,” said a representative of the Gukovo territorial committee of Russian coal miners union Yuri Cheburakov.

In turn, TASS quoted an unnamed representative of the initiative group of the strikers that “120 people enrolled, of whom 64 have notified the prosecutor’s office of the city of Gukovo that they begin an indefinite hunger strike.”

The company KingCoal owned mines Almaznaya, Gukovskaya, Rostovskaya, and Zamchalovskaya, that all are in a state of bankruptcy.

The Director General of mines KingCoul Vladimir Pozhidaev is in custody since August 12 for many months of unpaid wages.

Source: BBC


Image: TASS