In Moscow a man threatened to blow up bank


A drunk man took 4 hostages, threatening to blow up the Citibank branch in the center of Moscow.

“The man has 4 employees of the bank as hostages. He looks like he is about 55 years old,” said a source in the police.

Later it became known that he released hostages.

Police cordoned off the scene, the Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev and special forces arrived to the hijacked branch. There are also engineers, FSB, several fire brigades, and an emergency aid vehicle at the scene. Police officers in bullet-proof vests and armed with guns took positions near the entrance, and blocked the traffic on the street.

As the source told to the agency, an unknown hijacker told the staff about his plans before the attack.

“A man was sitting on a bench in the bank. Then he walked to the employee allegedly to open an account, and asked to call the manager of the bank. Then he said that he was not against the activities of the bank, and was not going to get the money, but rather came here to capture it,” said the source.

Investigators opened a criminal case on the hostage-taking.

Nearly 10 pm the man surrendered to the police. The suspect handed over a box to the police, which allegedly contained explosives, but it only contained salt.

Source: RIA


Image: RIA