Participants of “tractor rally” reported mass detentions

All participants of the tractor run in the Kuban region got detained by the police.

This was reported by the director of agricultural enterprise “Galkinskoye” Vasily Melnichenko on Twitter:

“Farmers got surrounded, and they were told to load into buses, otherwise they will be put in them by force.”

In his interview with radio station Govorit Moskva (“Moscow Speaking” – RRT) he said that nobody explained the reasons for the detention.

“Nobody explains anything, they say farmers violated the Constitution, some rules, laws, and such. I advised them not to resist, but rather go and find out what they want. They are threatened with courts. All this is very sad and stupid,” he said.

The rally of Krasnodar farmers began on August 21. 50 people went on 17 tractors and several cars from the Kazanskaya village of Caucasian district of the Krasnodar region. Protesters planned to get to Moscow, where they wanted to appeal to the Russian president to solve the problem of courts, which, in their view, endure unjust decisions.

One of the rally organizers told that the participants of the rally were blocked by the police.

Source: Lenta.Ru