Finland agreed on military cooperation with USA


Working on military cooperation is continuing because of growing concerns of the Nordic countries regarding Russian military activity in the region.

Finland expects to sign an agreement on military cooperation with the United States this fall. This was told by the head of the Defense Ministry of the country Jussi Niinistö.

According to the minister, the framework agreement will be free of obligations for military assistance, which would’ve been implied by NATO membership.

The agreement will cover areas such as military training, information exchange, and research.

Niinistö noted that Finland intends to sign an agreement with the United States before the presidential administration changes in November.

Reuters notes that during the Cold War Finland remained neutral, joining neither Warsaw Pact, nor NATO.

Earlier in June Sweden signed the agreement on military cooperation with the United States, and its parliament granted NATO a wider access to military training in the country.

Also, in June NATO troops landed in Finland for the first time, and American jet fighters arrived at a base in Finland.