In 3 years Russia lost 6.8 million jobs and has no idea what’s happening with economy


It was stated by Presidential Adviser on Businessmen Rights Boris Titov at a meeting with scientists of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Novosibirsk.

“We lost 6.8 million jobs in just the past 3 years. The added value of the products did not grow at the pace that we’ve always expected (4-5% per year), since 2011 it has increased by only 1%,” quotes TASS.

Titov said that such conclusions were made by the Federal Tax Service after analyzing available data. These figures differ from Rosstat statistics.

“We are even not entirely sure what is happening in our economy in general. It turns out that it develops much worse than we used to think,” he stressed.

The press service of Rostrud (Russia’s employment service – RRT) said that registered unemployment rate increased in 56 regions of Russia, fell in 13 regions, and remained unchanged in 16.

Source: Rosbalt