India tested new space engine allowing to reduce launch cost 10 times


Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has tested a hypersonic rocket engine, which will allow reducing the cost of space launches up to 10 times. It was reported by NDTV channel.

The test took place in the morning of August 28 at the launch site at the research center named after Satish Dhawan, located on the island of Sriharikota in the east of India.

“This is a great success,” told the head of the ISRO Dr. Kiran Kumar to the reporters.

New engine worked for about five seconds, confirming the expected characteristics.

Kumar said that the new scramjet will dramatically reduce the weight of the propulsion system, and the entire rocket, also making rocket flights cheaper. Currently, sending of 1 kilogram of payload into space costs about $20,000. The new engine will reduce the price almost 10 times, said the channel.

India joined the prestigious club of countries with this technology,” said Kumar.

So far, only the USA and Australia have successfully tested such propulsion systems, journalists say.

Source: TASS