Policeman was fired for recording video about poor quality of rations


A police officer, who complained about poor rations provided to law enforcement officers on duty at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, wrote a letter of resignation under pressure from the higher command.

Police officers, who were on duty at the Russian Island from 7 am to 7 pm, were given rations, consisting of a bun, a juice box, 2 portions of pate, half a cucumber, a tomato, a boiled egg, two slices of bread, and a candy.

A young man together with two colleagues expressed his dissatisfaction with the Ministry of Interior about the poor ration: “I am a dog owner, and 100 grams of food for my dog cost more than this ration,” said the officer.

After the video was published, the author was found: it was a police officer from Ussuriysk.

The officer was forced to write a letter of resignation under the pressure from higher command. Two other officers who participated in filming continue to work.

Update: the fired officer said that two other officers lost their jobs, and another one is under pressure.

“I was fired because I just expressed my point of view. I was brought into the Internal Security of the local police department and received an ultimatum: either I resign on my own, or they will find a reason to fire me “by the book”. So, I had little choice.

At that moment when the guests and participants of the summit eat caviar and are welcomed with buffet, the police and those who keep the order are offered with dry rations. In addition to bread, tomato, and cucumber we were also offered juice, a bun, and a spoon for dinner,” said the dismissed policeman.

Source: tjournal.ru