$120 million were found during search at police colonel’s house


During a search in the house of the Acting Head of the Anti-Corruption Department of the Russian Interior Ministry Dmitry Zakharchenko, about $120 million and €2 million were found.

Zakharchenko is accused of taking bribes. As reported by Interfax with reference to the investigator, he is suspected in a number of corruption crimes.

The search took place on September 9, but official confirmation of this information appeared on Saturday, September 10.

The officer was arrested while taking a bribe on September 9. During the search, Zakharchenko tried to take the money away, and interfered with the investigation.

The searches took place in his office and in his apartment. At home, officials discovered money, stored in a bag.

The grounds for legal action against him were operational materials and the statement of the affected party.

Zakharchenko charged with three articles: taking bribes, abuse of power, and obstruction of justice (Article 290, 285, 294 of the Criminal Code of Russia).

Source: NV.ua