Egypt might stop buying wheat from Russia


According to the head of the Plant Pathology Research Institute and member of the Agriculture Ministry’s committee Ashraf Khalil, Egypt added Russia to the list of countries with signs of ergot in wheat.

“The list was revised after ergot was found in several cold areas,” Khalil said.

In late August, Egypt re-imposed a ban on ergot in wheat supplies by setting the requirement of its zero content in the grain.

Russia is the largest wheat exporter to Egypt with a market share of 65%.

As the executive director of the analytical center SovEkon Andrey Sizov told Bloomberg earlier, Russian standards for ergot meet international ones: no more than 0.05%.

According to him, it is unlikely that Russia will be able to ensure compliance with Egypt’s requirements of zero ergot in the current agricultural year.

Egypt resumed its grain imports in July, after a long break: after the introduction of the zero-ergot requirement, grain traders refused to participate in tenders.

In July, the requirement has been abolished, but suddenly introduced again in late August.

During this time, Russia managed to agree on deliveries of 120 thousand tons of grain to Egypt.