Trans-Baikal Region only has money to pay salaries until October


As the Acting Governor of the Trans-Baikal Region Natalia Zhdanova told reporters, the local budget only has enough money to pay salaries to public sector employees until October.

“Salaries of public sector employees are calculated till October. We continue the search for additional sources of funding,” Zhdanova said.

However, she did not specify how much money is needed to pay salaries until the end of the year.

This situation has been known since the spring. In April, the Minister of Finance of the Trans-Baikal Territory Andrew Kefer said that the budget for teachers’ salaries is only enough until September.

According to the Legislative Assembly of the region, the lack of funds for the salaries of state employees is 7 billion rubles (approx. $110 million – RRT), 1.4 billion rubles for social payments (approx. $22 million – RRT), and 1.2 billion rubles for the payments to the unemployed (approx. $19 million – RRT).

Delays in social payments and salaries to state employees became one of the main problems in the Trans-Baikal region in 2015, which led to rallies, pickets, and teachers’ strikes.

Source: Rosbalt