Russia blocked PornHub and YouPorn


According to Roskomsvoboda project, two major porn sites PornHub and YouPorn were added to the general registry of forbidden websites.

The fact of the blocking was confirmed by the spokesman for Roskomnadzor (Russia’s service for control over telecommunications – RRT) Vadim Ampelonsky. Now all mobile carriers and internet providers have 24 hours to restrict access to the sites.

The decision on blocking PornHub was issued on May 24, 2016 by Buturlinovsky district court of Voronezh region. Blocking of YouPorn was decided on June 9 by Pervorechenski district court of Vladivostok.

Previously, Russians started complaining en masse in social networks on the unavailability of PornHub. Some users showed the screenshots of their browsers, where it was stated that the resource has been blocked by the decision of state authorities.

In September 2015, the Russian-speaking segment of PornHub was blocked in Russia. The corresponding decision was made Krylovskiy district court of Krasnodar region.

PornHub and YouPorn are the largest porn sites providing free content. Both resources are among 100 of the most visited websites in the world.

Source: Lenta.Ru