Putin demanded USA to compensate losses from sanctions


The agreement between Russia and the USA on plutonium disposition, terminated by Moscow on October 3, can be restored if the American side agrees on several conditions.

It is contained in the presidential bill draft, published at the State Duma’s website.

As follows from the document, the Russian president can renew the contract if Washington cancels the Magnitsky Act, all sanctions against Russia, and compensates Russia’s losses from these sanctions, including “losses from the counter-sanctions, introduced by Russia against the United States”.

The listed measures are referred in the bill as “unfriendly policy” of the United States towards Russia. Also, one of the conditions that should be met in order for Moscow to renew the agreement on plutonium, is reduction of the military infrastructure and the number of American troops in NATO countries that joined the Alliance after 2000.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on suspension of the inter-governmental agreement with the U.S. on plutonium disposition. As follows from the text of the decree, it was done because of the United States’ “hostile actions”.

A spokesman for the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov explained this decision by the fact that Russia “does not further consider it possible to implement the treaty solely”.

The agreement on plutonium disposition between the Russian Federation and the United States was signed in 2000. It required each party to utilize the excess of weapons-grade plutonium starting from 2018, by either producing fuel from it, using in nuclear reactors, or burying.

Source: Slon.Ru


Image: Sputnik News