USA suspended contacts with Russia on Syria


The only remaining contact will be the contact between the Pentagon and the Russian Defense Ministry in order to prevent mid-air collisions.

The U.S. State Department announced that it would stop participating in the bilateral negotiations with Russia on Syria. This was reported on the website of the White House.

The State Department explained that in their opinion Russia intends to continue its action against the implementation of the agreements reached earlier. As it was explained in the State Department, it follows from the attacks on residential areas and infrastructure, hospitals in particular. The American side also spoke about the involvement of Russian air force in the attack on humanitarian convoy of the United Nations.

The United States will withdraw all the personnel involved in supervision of the implementation of the peace agreements. Also, according to a source at the Pentagon, it was decided to implement “Plan B” in Syria, which provides moderate opposition with modern weapons to counter attacks from the air, and ground armored divisions of the Assad’s army, said Deutsche Welle.



Image: AFP